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From Paul Paulos and kai Timothy Timotheos, servants of Christ Christos Jesus Iēsous, to all pas the ho saints hagios in en Christ Christos Jesus Iēsous who ho are eimi in en Philippi Philippoi, along with syn the overseers episkopos and kai deacons diakonos: Grace charis to you hymeis and kai peace eirēnē from apo God theos our hēmeis Father patēr and kai the Lord kyrios Jesus Iēsous Christ Christos.

I thank eucharisteō · ho my egō God theos every time epi · ho I remember mneia you hymeis. Always pantote in en every pas prayer deēsis of mine egō for hyper all pas of you hymeis I pray ho with meta joy chara, because epi of · ho your hymeis partnership koinōnia in eis the ho gospel euangelion from apo the ho first prōtos day hēmera until achri · ho now nyn. For I am confident peithō of this very autos thing houtos, that hoti he ho who began enarchomai a good agathos work ergon in en you hymeis will bring it to completion epiteleō at achri the day hēmera of Christ Christos Jesus Iēsous. It is eimi right dikaios for me egō to feel phroneō this houtos way about hyper all pas of you hymeis, because dia I egō have echō you hymeis in en my ho heart kardia, since both te in en · ho my egō imprisonment desmos and kai in en the ho defense apologia and kai confirmation bebaiōsis of the ho gospel euangelion, you hymeis all pas share with synkoinōnos me egō in the ho grace charis of God. For gar God theos is my egō witness martys · ho that hōs I long epipotheō for all pas of you hymeis with en the affection splanchnon of Christ Christos Jesus Iēsous. And kai this houtos I pray proseuchomai, that hina · ho your hymeis love agapē may abound perisseuō more mallon and kai more mallon, with en knowledge epignōsis and kai all pas discernment aisthēsis, 10 so that eis you hymeis may determine dokimazō what ho is essential diapherō, and so hina be eimi pure eilikrinēs and kai without blame aproskopos on eis the day hēmera of Christ Christos, 11 filled with plēroō the fruit karpos of righteousness dikaiosynē that ho comes through dia Jesus Iēsous Christ Christos, to eis the glory doxa and kai praise epainos of God theos.

12 Now de I want boulomai you hymeis to know ginōskō, brothers adelphos, that hoti what ho has happened to kata me egō has turned out erchomai to eis advance prokopē the ho gospel euangelion even more mallon, 13 so that hōste it has become ginomai known phaneros throughout en the ho entire holos palace guard praitōrion, and kai by ho everyone pas else loipos, that · ho my egō imprisonment desmos is for en Christ Christos, 14 and kai that · ho most polys of the ho brothers adelphos, having gained confidence peithō in en the Lord kyrios by ho my egō imprisonment desmos, dare tolmaō more than ever perissoterōs to speak laleō the ho word logos of God without fear aphobōs.

15 To be sure men, some tis · kai are proclaiming kēryssō Christ Christos out of dia envy phthonos and kai strife eris, but de others tis · kai out dia of goodwill eudokia. · ho 16 The ho latter men do it out of ek love agapē, knowing oida that hoti I am here keimai for eis the defense apologia of the ho gospel euangelion. 17 The ho former de proclaim katangellō Christ Christos out of ek a sense of hostility eritheia, · ho not ou sincerely hagnōs, intending oiomai to increase egeirō my distress thlipsis while I egō am in ho prison desmos.

18 What tis then gar? Only plēn that hoti in every pas way tropos, whether eite in pretense prophasis or eite in truth alētheia, Christ Christos is proclaimed katangellō; and kai in en that houtos I rejoice chairō. Yes alla, and kai I will continue to rejoice chairō. 19 For gar I know oida that hoti this houtos will turn out apobainō for eis my egō deliverance sōtēria through dia · ho your hymeis prayers deēsis and kai the help epichorēgia of the ho Spirit pneuma of Jesus Iēsous Christ Christos. 20 It is kata · ho my egō earnest expectation apokaradokia and kai hope elpis that hoti I will in en no way oudeis be put to shame, but alla that with en complete pas boldness parrēsia, now nyn as hōs always pantote, · kai Christ Christos will be exalted megalynō in en · ho my egō body sōma, whether eite by dia life zōē or eite by dia death thanatos. 21 For gar to me egō, to live zaō is Christ Christos and kai to die apothnēskō is gain kerdos. 22 If ei · de I am to go on living zaō in en the flesh sarx, that houtos means fruitful karpos labor ergon for me egō; yet kai I do gnōrizō not ou know gnōrizō which tis I would prefer haireō. 23 I am hard pressed synechō · de between ek the ho two dyo, in that I have echō the ho desire epithumia to eis depart analyō and kai be eimi with syn Christ Christos, for gar that is much mallon better kreittōn by far polys, 24 yet de for dia your hymeis sake dia it is better anankaios that I remain epimenō in en the ho flesh sarx. 25 So kai, convinced of peithō this houtos, I know oida that hoti I will remain menō, and kai I will continue paramenō with all pas of you hymeis for eis · ho your hymeis progress prokopē and kai joy chara in the ho faith pistis, 26 so that hina when dia I emos come parousia again palin to pros you hymeis, · ho your hymeis boasting kauchēma in en Christ Christos Jesus Iēsous might abound perisseuō because en of me egō. · ho

27 Only monon conduct yourselves politeuomai in a manner worthy axiōs of the ho gospel euangelion of ho Christ Christos, so that hina, whether eite I come erchomai and kai see you hymeis or eite remain apeimi away , I may hear akouō that hoti you are standing stēkō firm in en one heis spirit pneuma, striving side by side with synathleō one heis mind psychē for the ho faith pistis of the ho gospel euangelion, 28 and kai are in en no way mēdeis frightened ptyrō by hypo your ho opponents antikeimai. This hostis is eimi a sign endeixis of destruction apōleia for them autos, but de of salvation sōtēria for you hymeis and kai that houtos from apo God theos. 29 For hoti it has been granted charizomai to you hymeis on behalf of hyper Christ Christos, not ou only monon to believe pisteuō in eis him autos but alla also kai to suffer paschō for hyper him autos, 30 since you are experiencing echō the ho same autos conflict agōn which hoios you saw me egō in en, and kai now nyn hear akouō that I egō still face en.

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