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Obadiah 3-5 Modern English Version (MEV)

The pride of your heart has deceived you,
    you who live in the clefts of the rock,
    whose dwelling is high;
you say in your heart,
    “Who will bring me down to the ground?”
Though you ascend high like the eagle,
    and though you set your nest among the stars,
    I will bring you down from there,
    says the Lord.

If thieves came to you,
    if robbers by night—
how you have been destroyed!—
    would they not steal only what they want?
If grape gatherers come to you,
    would they not leave gleanings?

Modern English Version (MEV)

The Holy Bible, Modern English Version. Copyright © 2014 by Military Bible Association. Published and distributed by Charisma House.


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