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19 The people of Israel
who live in the Southern Desert
    will take the land of Edom.
Those who live in the hills
will capture Philistia,
    Ephraim, and Samaria.
And the tribe of Benjamin
    will conquer Gilead.

20 Those who return from captivity
will control Phoenicia
    as far as Zarephath.[a]
Captives from Jerusalem
    who were taken to Sepharad[b]
will capture the towns
    of the Southern Desert.
21 Those the Lord has saved
will live on Mount Zion
    and rule over Edom.[c]
Then the kingdom will belong
    to the Lord.

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  1. 20 Those who return. . . Zarephath: One possible meaning for the difficult Hebrew text.
  2. 20 Sepharad: Possibly the city of Sardis, the capital of Lydia, a country north and west of Media. This would refer to those captives from Judah who had been taken beyond the kingdom of Babylonia.
  3. 21 Those the Lord. . . Edom: Or “Leaders on (from) Mount Zion will save the people and rule over Edom.”

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