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Obadiah 10-12 Expanded Bible (EXB)

10 You did violence to your ·relatives, the Israelites [L brother Jacob; verse 1; Gen. 25],
    so you will be covered with shame
    and destroyed forever.
11 You stood ·aside without helping [aloof]
    ·while [L on the day] strangers carried Israel’s ·treasures [wealth; or army] away.
When foreigners entered Israel’s city gate
    and threw lots to decide ·what part of Jerusalem they would take [L for Jerusalem],
you were like one of them.

Commands That Edom Broke

12 “Edom, ·do not laugh at [or you should not have gloated over] your ·brother Israel [L brother] in his time of ·trouble [misfortune]
or ·be happy [rejoice] about the ·people [sons; descendants] of Judah ·when they are destroyed [L on the day of destruction].
    Do not ·brag [boast; act with arrogance] ·when cruel things are done to them [L on the day of distress].

Expanded Bible (EXB)

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