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Obadiah 1-3 The Voice (VOICE)

Imagine the scene: The Edomites have come with other nations to rob and betray Israel; it looks as though God has allowed Israel’s cousins, the descendants of Isaac through Esau, to steal from His temple and holy city. The Israelites are convinced they have kept Abraham’s covenant with God while the Edomites have forsaken the Lord and His people Israel. Their prayer is for God to provide refuge for those who seek and trust in Him, and to judge their enemies.

This is the vision that came to Obadiah:

Listen carefully to what the Eternal Lord says about the nation of Edom.
    Learn from their fate.
We have been put on notice through the Eternal’s representative
    who was sent to everyone among the nations saying,
“Get up. Get ready to charge against Edom in battle.”

Eternal One (to Edom): See how insignificant I will make you compared to other nations;
        you will be completely despised by the rest of the world.
    Your deep pride has blinded you to the truth,
        tucked securely in the clefts of the rocks, safely out of reach.
    You say to yourself,
        “Whose attack can reach up here and bring me down to the ground?”

The Voice (VOICE)

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