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Coming Judgment against Edom

Obadiah’s[a] vision:

This is what the Lord God has to say about Edom.
We have heard a report from the Lord,
    and a messenger has been dispatched among the nations to say[b]
“Get up! Let us rise up against her to fight!”

God’s Announcement to Edom

“Look! I will make you insignificant among the nations;
    you will be utterly despised.
The arrogance in your heart has deceived you,
    who inhabit hidden places on rocky cliffs,
    whose dwelling is in the heights,
    who say continuously to yourself,[c]
        ‘Who will bring me down to the ground?’

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  1. Obadiah 1:1 The Heb. name Obadiah means Servant of the Lord
  2. Obadiah 1:1 The Heb. lacks to say
  3. Obadiah 1:3 Lit. continually in your heart

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