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Numbers 9:20-22 Wycliffe Bible (WYC)

20 in how many ever days the cloud was upon the tabernacle. At the commandment of the Lord they raised [the] tents, and at his commandment they did them down. (for however many days the cloud stood over the Tabernacle. At the Lord’s command they raised the tents, and at his command they did them down.)

21 If the cloud was standing upon the tabernacle from the eventide unto the morrowtide, and anon in the morrowtide had left, or gone thence, they went forth; and if, after a day and a night, the cloud had gone away, they scattered, either did down, the tents. (If the cloud stood over the Tabernacle from the evening until the morning, and then in the morning had left, or had gone away, they went forth at once; or if, after only a day, or only a night, the cloud went away, then they scattered, or did down, the tents, and they moved on.)

22 Whether in two months, either in one month, either in longer time, the cloud had been upon the tabernacle, the sons of Israel dwelled in the same place, and went not forth; but anon as it had gone away, they moved the tents. (Or when for one month, or two months, or for an even longer time, the cloud stood over the Tabernacle, the Israelites remained in the same place, and they went not forth; but as soon as it had gone away, then they moved the tents.)


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