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Numbers 5:11-13 New English Translation (NET Bible)

The Jealousy Ordeal

11 [a] The Lord spoke to Moses: 12 “Speak to the Israelites and tell them, ‘If any man’s wife goes astray and behaves unfaithfully toward him, 13 and a man goes to bed with her for sexual relations[b] without her husband knowing it,[c] and it is undetected that she has defiled herself since[d] there was no witness against her, nor was she caught in the act—


  1. Numbers 5:11 sn There is a good bit of bibliography here. See, e.g., J. M. Sasson, “Numbers 5 and the Waters of Judgment,” BZ 16 (1972): 249-51; and M. Fishbane, “Accusation of Adultery: A Study of Law and Scribal Practice in Numbers 5:11-31, ” HUCA 45 (1974): 25-46.
  2. Numbers 5:13 tn Heb “And a man when he lies with her, the lying of seed.” The verb שָׁכַב (shakhav) “to lie down” acts as a euphemism, implying going to bed for sexual relations. In this case, the phrase “lying for (a man’s) seed” specifies that it refers to sexual intercourse.
  3. Numbers 5:13 tn Heb “and it is concealed from the eyes of her husband.”
  4. Numbers 5:13 tn The noun clause beginning with the simple conjunction is here a circumstantial clause, explaining that there was no witness to the sin.
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