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Numbers 35:20-22 Wycliffe Bible (WYC)

20 If by hatred a man hurtleth, either shoveth, a man, either casteth anything into him by ambushings, (If in hatred anyone hurtleth, or pusheth, someone, or intentionally throweth something into him,)

21 either when he was enemy to him, smite him with his hand, and he is dead, the smiter shall be guilty of manslaying. The kinsman of him that is slain, anon as he findeth him, that is, the slayer, shall slay him. (or when he was an enemy to him, he striketh him with his hand, and he dieth, the striker shall be guilty of manslaughter. The next-of-kin of him who is killed, as soon as he findeth the killer, shall kill him.)

22 That if by sudden case, and without hatred and enmities, a man doeth anything of these; (But if, on the spur of the moment, or by accident, and without any hatred or enmities, someone doeth any of these things;)


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