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11 then one male goat for a sin offering, in addition to the sin offering, to make atonement, along with the regular burnt offering and its corresponding grain and drink offerings.”

Eight Days of Celebration: Day One

12 “You are to hold a sacred assembly on the fifteenth day of the same[a] seventh month. No servile work is to be done. You are to celebrate a festival to the Lord for seven days by 13 bringing these burnt offerings made by fire as a pleasing aroma to the Lord: Thirteen young bulls, two rams, and fourteen one year old lambs, all without any defects,

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  1. Numbers 29:12 The Heb. lacks same

11 Include one male goat(A) as a sin offering, in addition to the sin offering for atonement and the regular burnt offering(B) with its grain offering, and their drink offerings.(C)

The Festival of Tabernacles(D)

12 “‘On the fifteenth day of the seventh(E) month,(F) hold a sacred assembly and do no regular work. Celebrate a festival to the Lord for seven days. 13 Present as an aroma pleasing to the Lord(G) a food offering consisting of a burnt offering of thirteen young bulls, two rams and fourteen male lambs a year old, all without defect.(H)

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