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14-15 Offer two quarts of wine as a drink offering with each bull, one and a half quarts with the ram, and one quart with each of the young rams.

Finally, you must offer a goat[a] as a sacrifice for sin.

These sacrifices are to be offered on the first day of each month, in addition to the regular daily sacrifices.[b]

The Sacrifices during Passover and the Festival of Thin Bread

The Lord said:

16 Celebrate Passover in honor of me on the fourteenth day of the first month[c] of each year. 17 The following day will begin the Festival of Thin Bread, which will last for a week. During this time you must honor me by eating bread made without yeast.

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  1. 28.14,15 goat: See the note at 7.12-83.
  2. 28.14,15 regular daily sacrifices: See 28.1-8.
  3. 28.16 first month: See the note at 9.3.