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Standing before Moses, Eleazar the priest, the princes, and the whole community at the entrance of the tent of meeting, they said: “Our father died in the wilderness. Although he did not join the faction of those who conspired against the Lord,[a] Korah’s faction, he died for his own sin without leaving any sons. But why should our father’s name be cut off from his clan merely because he had no son? Give us land among our father’s kindred.”

Laws Concerning Heiresses.[b]

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  1. 27:3 He did not join…against the Lord: had he done so, he and his heirs could have been deprived of a portion in the promised land.
  2. 27:5–11 The purpose of this law, as also that of the related laws in 36:2–10 (marriage within the same tribe), Dt 25:5–10 (levirate marriage), and Lv 25:10 (return of property in the jubilee year), was to keep the landed property within the proper domain of each tribe.