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18 These were the clans of the descendants[a] of Gad according to the ones counted of them, forty thousand five hundred.

19 The sons of Judah: Er and Onan; but Er and Onan died in the land of Canaan. 20 The descendants[b] of Judah according to their clans were: of Shelah, the clan of the Shelanites;[c] of Perez, the clan of the Perezites;[d] of Zerah, the clan of the Zerahites.[e]

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  1. Numbers 26:18 Or “sons”
  2. Numbers 26:20 Or “sons”
  3. Numbers 26:20 Hebrew “Shelanite”
  4. Numbers 26:20 Hebrew “Perezite”
  5. Numbers 26:20 Hebrew “Zerahite”

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