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11 Then Moses raised his hand and struck the rock twice with his rod. Lots of water gushed out, and both the community and their cattle were able to drink.

The Lord Disciplines Moses

12 But the Lord rebuked Moses and Aaron, telling Moses: “Because you both[a] didn’t believe me, because you didn’t consecrate me as holy[b] in the presence[c] of the Israelis, you won’t be the ones to bring this congregation into the land that I’m about to give them.” 13 Because the Israelis argued with the Lord and he was set apart among them, this place was called the Meribah Springs.[d]

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  1. Numbers 20:12 Lit. you (pl.)
  2. Numbers 20:12 Lit. to set apart
  3. Numbers 20:12 Lit. eyes
  4. Numbers 20:13 The Heb. Name Meribah means Place of Strife