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52 Soothly the sons of Israel shall set tents, each man by his companies, and his fellowships, and his host; (And the other Israelites shall pitch their tents, each man in his company, and his fellowship, and his army;)

53 forsooth the deacons shall set their tents by compass of the tabernacle, lest indignation be made on the multitude of the sons of Israel; and they shall (stand) watch in the keepings of the tabernacle of witnessing. (but the Levites shall pitch their tents around the Tabernacle, lest my indignation come upon all the multitude of the Israelites; and they shall keep charge of the Tabernacle of the Witnessing.)

54 Therefore the sons of Israel did by all things which the Lord commanded to Moses. (And so the Israelites did all the things that the Lord commanded to Moses.)

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