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49 Do not thou number the lineage of Levi, neither set thou the sum of them with the sons of Israel; (Do not thou list, or register, the tribe of Levi, nor take thou the sum of them among the Israelites;)

50 but thou shalt ordain them upon the tabernacle of (the) witnessing, and upon all the vessels thereof, and upon whatever thing pertaineth to [the] ceremonies, either sacrifices. They shall bear the tabernacle, and all the purtenances thereof, and they shall be in the service of it, and they shall set [their] tents by compass of the tabernacle (and they shall pitch their tents around the Tabernacle).

51 When men shall go forth, or be removed, the deacons shall take down the tabernacle; when the tents shall be set (up), they shall set it up (again). Whoever of strangers nigheth (to it), he shall be slain (he shall be put to death).

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