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49 “You will not muster[a] the tribe of Levi, and you will not take a census of[b] them in the midst of the Israelites.[c] 50 You will appoint[d] them over the tabernacle of the testimony,[e] over all its vessels, and over all that belongs to it. They will carry the tabernacle and all its vessels, and they will care for it; and they will camp around the tabernacle. 51 And when the tabernacle is set out, the Levites will take it down,[f] and when encamping the tabernacle the Levites will set it up; the stranger[g] that approaches it will be put to death.

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  1. Numbers 1:49 Or “count,” or “summon,” or “enroll”
  2. Numbers 1:49 Literally “Lift up the head of”
  3. Numbers 1:49 Literally “sons/children of Israel”
  4. Numbers 1:50 Or “count,” or “summon,” or “enroll”
  5. Numbers 1:50 Other modern translations read “tabernacle of the covenant”
  6. Numbers 1:51 Literally “lower it”
  7. Numbers 1:51 Or “outsider”