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Soothly thou and thy sons, keep your priesthood; and all things that pertain to the adorning of the altar, and be within the veil, shall be ministered by [the] priests; if any stranger nigheth thereto, he shall be slain. (Thou and thy sons, do your priestly duties; and all the things in the service of the altar, and that be within the Veil, shall be the priests’ responsibility; if any stranger nigheth thereto, he shall be put to death.)

The Lord spake to Aaron, Lo! I have given to thee the keeping of my first fruits; I have given to thee, and to thy sons, all things that be hallowed of the sons of Israel, for [the] priest’s office (to be) everlasting lawful things. (And the Lord spoke to Aaron, and said, Lo! I give thee the special contributions given to me, for thy own use; I give thee, and thy sons, all the things that be hallowed by the Israelites, by an everlasting law, for the office, or the use, of the priest.)

Therefore thou shalt take these things of those things that be hallowed, and be offered to the Lord; each offering, and sacrifice, and whatever thing is yielded, (or offered,) to me for sin and for trespass, and cometh into (the) holy of holy things, shall be thine and thy sons (shall be for thee and thy sons).

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