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(A)But you and your sons with you must take care to exercise your priesthood in whatever concerns the altar and the area within the veil.[a] I give you your priesthood as a gift. Any unauthorized person who comes near shall be put to death.

The Priests’ Share of the Sacrifices. The Lord said to Aaron:[b] I hereby give to you charge of the contributions made to me, including the various holy offerings of the Israelites;(B) I assign them to you and to your sons as a perquisite, a perpetual due. This is what you shall have from the oblations that are most holy: every offering of theirs—namely, all their grain offerings, purification offerings, and reparation offerings which they must return to me—shall be most holy for you and for your sons.

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  1. 18:7 Veil: the outer veil, or “curtain,” is probably meant.
  2. 18:8–10 Two classes of offerings are here distinguished: the most holy offering, which only the male members of the priestly families could eat (vv. 8–10), and the other offerings, which the women of the priestly families could eat (vv. 11–19).