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But you with your sons will keep your priesthood to perform your priestly duties for everything at the altar[a] and for the area behind the curtain.[b] I give you the priesthood as a gift, but the stranger who approaches will be put to death.”

Portions for the Priests

Yahweh spoke to Aaron, “Behold, I myself have given to you the responsibility of my contributions for all the holy objects of the Israelites;[c] I have given them as a portion to you and your sons as an eternal decree. This will be for you from the sanctuary of the holy things from the fire; all of their offerings, from every grain offering, from every sin offering, and from every guilt offering which they will bring to me is a most holy thing[d] for you and your sons.

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  1. Numbers 18:7 Or “for all the things of the altar”
  2. Numbers 18:7 Literally “the house of the curtain”
  3. Numbers 18:8 Literally “sons/children of Israel”
  4. Numbers 18:9 Literally “a holy object of holiness”