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Now you and your sons with you are to maintain your priestly duties and all matters that concern the altar and what is housed within the veil. You are to perform these services. I’m giving you the priesthood as a gift of service, but any unauthorized person[a] who approaches is to be put to death.”

Ownership for Offerings

Then the Lord told Aaron, “Look! I am indeed placing you in charge of my raised offerings and the holy things concerning the Israelis. Because of your anointing, I’m giving you and your sons a prescribed portion forever. This is what is to belong to you from consecrated offerings spared[b] from the fire: all of their offerings, grain offerings, sin offerings, and trespass offerings that they render to me. They’re to be considered most sacred to you and your sons.

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  1. Numbers 18:7 Lit. stranger
  2. Numbers 18:9 The Heb. lacks spared