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36 Therefore all the men which Moses had sent to see the land, and which turned again, and made all the multitude to grouch against him, and depraved the land, (And so all the men whom Moses had sent to look over the land, and returned, and then had made all the multitude to grumble against him, and to despise the land,)

37 that it was evil, were dead, and smitten in the sight of the Lord[a]. (by saying that it was evil, were then struck by the Lord with a pestilence, or a plague, and died.)

38 Soothly (only) Joshua, the son of Nun, and Caleb, the son of Jephunneh, lived, of all the men, that went to see the land (who went to see the land).

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  1. Numbers 14:37 That is, suddenly and horribly, by the sentence of the Lord, (and) to the dread of (the) other men.