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The Lord came down in the tall cloud and stood at the entrance to the Tent. He called out, “Aaron and Miriam!” They went to him. God said, “Listen to me! You will have prophets. I, the Lord, will let them learn about me through visions. I will speak to them in dreams. But Moses is not like that. He is my faithful servant—I trust him with everyone in my house.

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Then the Lord came down in a pillar of cloud;(A) he stood at the entrance to the tent and summoned Aaron and Miriam. When the two of them stepped forward, he said, “Listen to my words:

“When there is a prophet among you,
    I, the Lord, reveal(B) myself to them in visions,(C)
    I speak to them in dreams.(D)
But this is not true of my servant Moses;(E)
    he is faithful in all my house.(F)

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