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Numba 2 From Peter 3 Hawai‘i Pidgin (HWP)

Da Boss Goin Come Back!

Eh, my good friends, dis my numba two letta to you guys. Dis time an befo time I like write fo help you guys rememba all dis stuff, cuz I like you guys tink ony bout da bestes kine stuff dat show you fo real. I like you guys tink bout da spesho talka guys fo God from befo time, an rememba wat dey wen say. Same ting wit da spesho guys dat Jesus wen send all ova. Tink bout wat da Boss wen tell dem fo tell you guys how you gotta live. He da One dat take you guys outa da bad kine stuff you stay in. So listen!

First, you gotta undastan dis: befo da world pau, goin get guys dat ony goin make any kine how dey like. Dey goin make fun a da Good Kine Stuff from God, jalike dey hot stuff. Dey goin say, “Eh! Fo real, dat Jesus wen promise you guys he coming back? Den wea he stay? Our ancesta guys, dey mahke long time awready, an still yet, everyting stay da same from wen God wen make da world!”

But you know, get one ting dem buggas no like tink bout: Long time ago, wen everyting wen start, God wen talk, an get da sky. Den God wen start wit da water fo make da land an da water diffren kine, an he wen make da land come up outa da water. Wateva God say goin stay. An God wen use water lata on too, wen da big flood wen come an wipe out everybody inside da world. An you know wat goin happen wit da sky an da world dat get nowdays? God wen tell awready how goin be wit dem. He let um stay right now, but he goin burn um up bumbye, wen da time come. Dat time, God goin be da Judge, an wipe out da peopo dat ack jalike God notting.

Eh, my good friends! No foget dis one ting now. Da Boss, he no need figga da time o same like us guys. Fo him, one day, o one tousand years, same same. Da Boss, garans he goin do wat he wen promise. Get peopo, dey tink he real slow, but he not! He no mind hang in dea an wait fo peopo, az why. He like everybody fo come sorry an pau do all da bad kine stuff dey doing. He no like nobody get cut off from him.

10 But dat time wen da Boss goin come back, no goin have nobody dat goin know he coming, jalike wen da steala guy go inside yoa house an you donno he coming. Dat time, da sky an da sun an moon an stars up dea inside da sky goin come burning hot an go “Poom!” an den, no mo notting. Same ting, da world an all da tings dat peopo do hea, goin burn up.

How Us Guys Gotta Live

11 Kay den. If fo shua, all dese tings going burn up lidat, den eh! wat kine peopo you guys gotta be? You gotta go all out fo God da way you live, da way God like you live, 12 all da time you stay waiting fo wen God goin come back hea. So, go all out fo make dat happen mo fast. Dat time, da sky goin burn up, an all da tings inside da sky goin come burning hot an melt. 13 But goin get new sky an new earth, you know. Dass wat God wen promise, an dass wat us guys waiting fo. Dat goin be da place wea everybody do ony wass right.

14 So den, my good friends, all da time you stay waiting fo dis fo happen, go all out fo be da bestes kine peopo, da way God see you guys, so nobody can poin finga an blame you guys. An go all out fo let yoa heart stay rest inside. 15 Our Boss, he hang in dea, so he can give you guys chance fo come outa da bad kine stuff you stay in.

Paul An Da Lettas He Wen Write

Our good friend, Brudda Paul, he wen write you guys da same ting, yeah? God wen give him da kine smarts, az why he write lidat. 16 Everytime Paul write one letta, he talk bout dis kine stuff. Fo shua, get stuff inside his lettas dat hard fo undastan. An get peopo dat no bodda fo learn an no stay solid inside. Dey take wat Paul say an make um all hamajang. Dey do da same ting wit all da odda stuff inside da Bible too. Da guys dat make lidat, dey goin get wipe out, fo shua.

Da Boss, He Awesome!

17 But eh! my good friends. You guys know awready how dem teacha guys ack. So watch out! Dey no like listen to da rules, an dey like bulai you guys an make you guys go da wrong way, but no let um. You guys stay solid inside, but you gotta watch out, cuz dey like mess you guys up. 18 Mo betta, you guys come mo an mo strong inside. Cuz you know, our Boss Jesus Christ, he da One dat goin take us guys outa da bad kine stuff we stay in. He like do plenny fo you guys, an he like you guys know him mo betta. I like everybody say awesome kine tings bout Jesus now, an foeva! Az right!

Hawai‘i Pidgin (HWP)

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