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Numba 2 Fo Da Corint Peopo 7 Hawai‘i Pidgin (HWP)

My friends, we get all dis stuff God wen promise us. Dass why we gotta clean out all da bad kine stuff dat make us pilau inside o outside, an go all out fo come hundred percent clean an spesho fo God, cuz we get so plenny respeck fo him dat jalike we scared a him.

Wat Make Paul Stay Good Inside

Eh you guys! Give us chance. Take us inside yoa hearts. We neva do anyting wrong to nobody, we neva make nobody do bad tings, we neva bulai nobody. I no say dis fo poin finga you guys. Jalike I wen say befo, we get so plenny love an aloha fo you guys inside us, dat no matta wat, we like be togedda wit you guys, no matta we mahke o we live. I no need worry, cuz I trus you guys fo real kine. I talk big bout you guys. You guys kokua me plenny. No matta we get trouble, I still yet stay real good inside.

Wen we wen come inside Macedonia, our bodies stay tired. We had trouble from everyting all ova, fighting on da outside, an real scared inside. But God, he da One dat kokua da peopo dat feel sad inside, an he wen kokua us wen he send Titus come by us. Titus, he wen come, an dat kokua us guys. An you guys wen kokua Titus befo, an dat kokua us even moa. He tell us dat you guys really like see me, an dat you guys stay feel real sorry bout wat wen happen befo, an he tell how you guys like help me plenny in dis trouble I stay in. So now I feel even mo good inside.

Even if I wen make you guys feel sad wit da letta I wen write, I not sorry I wen write um. No matta if I wen feel sorry dat time, cuz I wen find out dat my letta wen make you guys feel sad, but ony fo short time. But now I feel good inside, not cuz you wen feel sorry, but cuz da letta wen make you guys tell God you sorry an you goin do diffren den befo. You know, dat was God dat wen make you guys feel sorry lidat. An dat mean we neva do notting fo hurt you guys. 10 Wen we stay sorry da way God like, den we pau do da bad kine stuff we was doing, we goin do diffren den befo. Dat goin make us come outa da kine bad stuff we stay doing, an den we no need worry bout um no moa. But wen we stay sorry da way da peopo inside dis world stay sorry, an not Godʼs way, den we goin wipe out. 11 Try go figga dis! You guys wen come sorry da way God like, an you guys wen stay dat way, an dat make you guys like try hard fo clean out da bad kine stuff, an den nobody can blame you guys fo notting. You guys wen come all huhu at da bad kine stuff you guys wen do, an wen come all scared, cuz you tinking bumbye you goin do same ting one mo time. You guys really like see me, an stay ready fo do all da right ting, an punish da guy dat wen do da bad kine stuff. Cuz you guys wen do everyting da right way, an now no mo nobody can blame you guys fo notting. 12 Dass why, no matta I wen send you guys dat letta, I neva write um fo da guy ova dea dat wen do da ting dat stay wrong, o fo da wahine he wen do bad to. I wen write um fo kokua you guys fo show dat you guys mean wat you guys wen say fo real kine in front God, an dat you guys get plenny love an aloha fo us guys. 13 All dis make us feel mo betta inside.

You guys wen help Titus feel real good inside, so dat his heart stay rest inside. An dat make us guys feel plenny good inside too. 14 I wen tell Titus good tings bout you guys, an now you guys neva make me shame. But jalike everyting we wen tell you guys stay true, same ting, all da good kine stuff we wen tell Titus bout you guys stay true too. 15 An he get even mo love an aloha fo you guys everytime he rememba how you guys wen do wat we wen say, an you guys wen take him in, no matta you guys stay scared an stay shaking. 16 I stay real good inside cuz I can trus you guys, an I no need worry bout notting!

Hawai‘i Pidgin (HWP)

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