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Numba 2 Fo Da Corint Peopo 5 Hawai‘i Pidgin (HWP)

Eh, we know dat our body, da one we stay inside now on top da earth, jalike one tent dat ony goin stay up litto bit. No matta dat body goin come wipe out, we no need worry, cuz God get one good place fo us fo stay inside da sky. Peopo neva make dat place. God wen make um, an stay foeva. So we tink plenny bout get our place da come from da sky. Wen we get dea, dass jalike we no goin stay wit notting on, cuz den, we goin come new kine, jalike we goin put on new kine clotheses. Now we stay ova hea inside dis world, an we bum out, cuz we get hard time. We like put on da new kine clotheses -- minas get rid a da old kine. Minas we goin mahke. Main ting, we goin come alive fo real kine! God, he da One wen make us ready fo all dis. He wen give us his Spirit fo proof dat goin happen.

An dat make us feel real good inside, an no mo worry, no matta we know dat all da time we stay alive inside dis body, we no stay wit da Boss in da sky. Da way we live, we trus God everytime, no matta we no can see him. We feel good inside bout dis. Dass why we figga, mo betta leave dis body hea, an go live up dea wit da Boss. Dass why dis da mos importan ting fo us guys: fo do wat God like, no matta we stay ova hea, o we go up ova dea wit God. 10 You know, we all gotta go in front Christ da Judge, an no can hide notting. Dat time we goin get back wat we wen do wen we wen stay inside dis world, da good kine stuff o da no good kine stuff.

We Come Friends Wit God Cuz a Christ

11 We get choke respeck fo God. Dass why we try help da peopo get same kine respeck fo him. God know how we stay inside. I like you guys know inside yoa hearts how we stay inside too. 12 We not trying fo make ourself look good again in front you guys. But we tell you guys all dis so you can talk big bout us, an no mo shame. Den you guys goin know wat fo say to dem guys dat talk big bout wat dey can see, an not bout wat stay inside da heart. 13 Maybe you guys tink dat we talking lolo kine. Bodda you, o wat? We do um fo God, an God know we not lolo! An if we talking strait, we do um fo help you guys. 14 Christ wen get choke love an aloha fo us guys, dass why we like do wat we gotta do. We know fo shua dat one Guy wen mahke fo all da peopo, an dat mean, jalike everybody wen mahke. 15 Christ wen mahke fo everybody, so dat da peopo who stay alive no goin do stuffs ony fo demself no moa. Dey goin do everyting ony fo Christ, da Guy who wen mahke fo dem an wen come back alive.

16 So, from now on, we no tink bout nobody da same way odda peopo tink. No matta befo time we wen tink bout Christ da same way odda peopo tink. Now, we no tink bout Christ dat way no moa. 17 Dass why, whoeva stay tight wit Christ, dey one new guy. Da old tings no stay no moa! Look! Da new tings wen come. 18 All dat stuff come from God. He wen bring us back da same side wit him, cuz a wat Christ wen do. An he tell us fo work so da odda peopo can come back togedda wit him too. 19 Wen Christ wen stay inside dis world, God wen use him fo bring da peopo inside da world back da same side wit God. So, he no make dem take da blame fo da way dey wen mess up. An he wen tell us guys all dat, so we can kokua all da odda peopo fo come back togedda wit him. 20 We da talka guys fo Christ. We tell all da peopo dat God stay begging um fo come back. Cuz we Christ guys, we stay beg you guys, “Eh, come back da same side wit God.” 21 Christ, he neva do notting bad, but God wen make him take da bad kine stuff us guys wen do. God wen do dat fo us guys, so dat we can come right, jalike God stay right, cuz a wat Christ wen do.

Hawai‘i Pidgin (HWP)

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