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Numba 2 Fo Da Corint Peopo 2 Hawai‘i Pidgin (HWP)

So I wen figga dis: I no goin go by you guys an make everybody sad again. Cuz if I make you guys all sad, den who goin make me feel good inside? Ony get you guys, da ones I wen make feel sad. Az why I wen write befo dat I not going yet, so dat you guys can make everyting right, an den wen I go ova dea, I no goin feel all sad cuz a you guys dat suppose to make me feel good inside. I know all you guys, so I know dat wen I stay good inside, den you guys goin stay good inside, jalike me. Dat time I wen write you guys, my heart was all presha out an plenny sad. I was crying plenny, you know! But I neva write lidat jus fo make you guys feel sad -- was fo make you guys know how plenny love an aloha I get fo you guys.

Let Go Da Guy Dat Wen Do Da Bad Kine Stuff

Get one guy ova dea dat wen make peopo feel all sad. Da guy wen make me feel lidat too, but den he make some a you guys feel mo sad still yet. I no like make um sound like he wen make all you guys sad. Dass nuff awready, cuz mos a you guys wen tink same kine way an tell da guy he wen do wrong. Dat wen make um come sorry awready. So now, let um go an no stay mad at um. Talk nice to him. No good da guy bum out an give up cuz he awready feel too sad from you guys. Dass why I beg you guys, come togedda an all make shua da guy know how plenny love an aloha you guys get fo him. Az why I wen write you guys befo fo see if you guys goin do da right ting, an do everyting I tell you. 10 If you guys no stay mad fo wat da guy wen do, an let um go, den I not mad, an I let um go too. Me, I no need stay mad at da guy. Dass why I let um go. I do dat in front Christ, an fo kokua you guys. 11 Cuz I no like da Devil trick us. We know he one sly bugga.

Why Paul Worry Wen He Stay Troas Town

12 Dat time, I wen go Troas, an da Boss Up Dea wen let me teach da Good Stuff From Christ dea. 13 But I wen get funny kine feeling bout someting, cuz I no can find my brudda Titus ova dea. So I wen tell da Troas peopo bye, an wen go Macedonia.

Christ Help Us Win

14 I wen worry, but no matta wea I stay, I like tell God “Mahalo plenny!” cuz Christ, he wen fight an win ova da bad kine stuff, an us guys stay tight wit him. Dass how come God everytime let peopo see dat we his guys. Az how, wen we tell da peopo bout Christ, dass jalike wen someting smell real good, an everybody can smell um. 15 An God like us guys, cuz we jalike one sweet smell dat make him tink bout Christ. Da peopo dat God goin take outa da bad kine stuff, an da peopo dat goin cut demself off from God, jalike dey can smell dat sweet smell too. 16 Wen da peopo dat goin cut demself off from God see us, dat make dem tink bout how dey goin be cut off from God bumbye. Wen da peopo dat goin get life to da max fo real kine see us, dat make dem tink bout how dey goin stay alive fo eva. Eh! Who stay big nuff fo handle all dat? No mo nobody, fo shua! 17 Us guys, we not like plenny odda peopo dat ony teach wat God say so dey can make money. No way! Wen us guys talk, everybody can see dat we fo real, an dat da stuff we say come from God, an dat we stay tight wit Christ.

Hawai‘i Pidgin (HWP)

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