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Numba 1 Fo Da Tessalonika Peopo 4 Hawai‘i Pidgin (HWP)

Dis How God Like Us Live

So den, bruddas an sistas, one mo ting. Befo time, you guys wen learn from us guys how you guys suppose to live fo make God stay good inside, jalike you guys stay doing awready. Now we aks you guys an beg you guys fo do um mo an mo still yet, cuz we all stay tight wit da Boss Jesus. You guys know awready da stuff we wen tell you guys fo do. We wen tell you guys dat, cuz da Boss Jesus wen tell us.

Now dis wat God like fo real kine. He like you guys be good an spesho fo him, an no go fool aroun da guys o da wahines notting. He like all you guys know how fo take one wife an show her plenny respeck, cuz you an her stay good an spesho fo God. No take her ony cuz you get da hots fo her, jalike all da diffren kine peopos all ova da world ack cuz dey donno God. So, fo all dis kine stuff bout da guys an da wahines, you guys betta not go buckaloose an cheat yoa brudda o sista. Cuz da Boss, he goin punish you guys if you do dat bad kine stuff. Dass jalike we wen tell you guys befo time. We wen tell you guys strait, “You guys betta not fool aroun!” Eh, wen God wen tell us, “Come! Be my guys!” he neva do dat so we can go do pilau kine stuff! He tell us dat so we can come his peopo, good an spesho fo him.

So den, da guy dat no take all dis stuff I telling you guys, he no throw out jus one guy, he throw out God! An God da One dat put his Spirit in charge a you guys. Dass da Spirit dat make you guys go all out fo God.

You guys no need me write you guys bout how fo show love an aloha fo yoa bruddas an sistas. Cuz God wen teach you guys dat awready. 10 Dass jalike how you guys get love an aloha fo all da bruddas an sistas all ova Macedonia. Eh bruddas an sistas, we beg you guys fo make lidat mo plenny still yet. 11 Go all out fo make nice to everybody, an no bodda odda peopo. Take care yoa own stuffs, an work wit yoa own hands, jalike we wen tell you guys awready. 12 Den da peopo outside dat no trus God, dey goin see how you guys ack, an dey goin get respeck fo you guys. An you guys no goin need notting from nobody.

Da Boss Goin Come Back

13 Eh, bruddas an sistas! We like you guys know da trut bout Godʼs peopo dat stay mahke awready. Den you guys no need feel real sore inside, jalike da odda peopo feel dat no stay shua bout wat God goin do bumbye. 14 Us guys believe dat Jesus wen mahke, an afta dat, he wen come back alive. Dass why we believe dat God goin bring da peopo dat was Jesus guys befo dey wen mahke, fo stay wit him.

15 We tell you guys wat da Boss wen say. All us guys dat goin stay hea dat time wen da Boss come back, we no goin go by him befo Godʼs odda peopo dat wen mahke awready get dea. 16 Cuz da Boss, he goin call out wat everybody gotta do. Da head angel guy goin call um out, an somebody goin blow Godʼs trumpet. An da Boss goin come down from da sky! Den da mahke guys dat wen stay tight wit Christ, dey goin come alive one mo time! 17 Afta dat, Godʼs guys who stay alive dat time an still stay hea, he goin take all us guys togedda wit dem odda peopo up dea inside da clouds, fo meet da Boss up dea inside da sky. An we goin stay wit da Boss foeva.

18 So den, go give each odda dis kine good words, jalike I telling you guys now.

Hawai‘i Pidgin (HWP)

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