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Numba 1 Fo Da Corint Peopo 9 Hawai‘i Pidgin (HWP)

Wen God Send Guys All Ova, He Give Dem Rights

Tink bout dis: I can do anyting. God wen send me all ova da place fo tell peopo bout him. I wen see Jesus, our Boss. I stay tight wit da Boss, an all you guys wen trus Christ cuz a da work I wen do. Even if get odda peopo, God neva send me fo talk to dem. But fo shua, he wen send me fo talk to you guys. If you like proof dat God wen send me, ony gotta check out wat wen happen to you guys now, how you guys stay tight wit da Boss!

Fo da guys dat like poin finga me, I like tell um dis: You no tink me an Barnabas get da right fo get stuff fo eat an drink from da peopo we teach? You no tink we get da right fo take one Christian wife wit us wen we go some odda place? Da odda guys God send all ova da place, dey do dat, you know, an da Bossʼs brudda guys, an Peter. O you guys tink dat ony me an Barnabas, we da ony guys dat no mo da right fo work fo make money so we can teach peopo?

Eh, look da army guys. Dey no gotta buy dea own food an clotheses. An da guys dat plant da grape, nobody goin tell dem, “No eat da grape!” Da sheep farma guy too, az okay fo him fo use da milk from da sheeps.

You guys tink I say all dis stuff, cuz I talking jalike da odda peopo? Godʼs Rules say da same ting, you know. Inside da Bible, da Rules dat God wen tell Moses fo write, talk lidis: “Wen da cow stay working fo smash da wheat so you can take out da junks, you no go tie up his mout so he no can eat da wheat.” You tink God wen say dat ony cuz he like take care da cows so dey can eat, o wat? 10 Mo like he talking bout us guys too, fo help us! Yeah, he say dat fo us guys. He say, “Da guy dat plow da groun, an da guy dat take da junks outa da grain, wen dey work, dey gotta wait still yet fo eat. But dey know, bumbye dey goin get dea share.” 11 You know, wen us guys wen teach you guys stuff from Godʼs Spirit, dass jalike wen one farma guy stay planting stuff. So az notting, wen us guys pau teach, den we get food fo eat from you guys. 12 Get odda guys dat get da same right fo get food an stuff from you guys wen dey teach, yeah? So, wat bout us guys? We get plenny mo rights den dem.

But you know, us guys, we neva use da rights we get. Mo betta we take any kine, fo no jam up you guys. Cuz den, you like listen to da Good Kine Stuff Bout Christ dat we telling you guys. 13 Tink bout dis: da priest guys dat stay work inside da Jewish temple, dey get dea food from da sacrifices da peopo bring to da temple. Da guys dat stay kill da animals on top da altar fo sacrifice, dey can eat da meat dat da peopo give fo sacrifice. 14 Same ting, da Boss wen tell us guys dat da guys dat stay tell da Good Kine Stuff Bout Christ, dey suppose to get all da stuffs dey need fo live, from dea work.

15 Me, I get da rights fo get all dat, but I neva like do um lidat. I no write dis letta fo make you guys give me stuff. I figga, mo betta I mahke, den let somebody tink dat I no mo da right fo talk lidis. 16 Jus cuz I stay telling peopo da Good Kine Stuff From God, dat no mean I can talk big bout myself. I gotta tell um bout God. Auwe fo me if I no tell peopo da Good Kine Stuff From God! 17 If I wen do all dis stuff ony cuz I like, den da stuffs I get, jalike da money I get fo do one job. But if I go do um cuz I gotta do um, den, jalike God stay trus me fo take care his stuffs fo him. 18 So den, wat kine pay I goin get fo do all dat? I no need pay! I ony like tell peopo da Good Kine Stuff From God. I do um lidat an no charge notting. Dat make me feel good, jalike wen one guy get pay fo work. I do um an no need use all da rights dat I get cuz I stay telling da Good Kine Stuff From God.

19 I can do watevas how I like, an no mo nobody can tell me how I gotta ack. But you know wat? Jalike I wen go make myself jalike one slave guy, so everybody can tell me wat fo do. Wen I make lidat, I can help mo plenny peopo fo know God, az why. 20 Fo da Jewish peopo, I wen make jalike I one Jewish guy, fo help da Jewish peopo fo know God. Fo da peopo dat tink dey gotta stick wit Godʼs Rules, I do wat Godʼs Rules say, so I can help dem fo know God too, no matta I know dat I no gotta do wat Godʼs Rules say fo get um right wit him. 21 Fo da peopo dat donno Godʼs Rules, I wen come jalike dem, fo bring to God da peopo dat donno Godʼs Rules. (Dat no mean, dat I no stay doing wat Godʼs Rules say, you know. I Christʼs guy, an dass how come I stay do wat Godʼs Rules say.) 22 Fo da peopo dat no stay strong inside, I make myself jalike I no stay strong inside too, so I can bring dem close to God. Fo everybody, I like come jalike dem, so no matta wat, I goin help some peopo fo get outa da bad kine stuff dey stay in. 23 I stay doing all dis tings so everybody can trus da Good Kine Stuff From God, an all us guys can get all da good kine tings dat God like give us.

24 You guys know wat happen wen plenny runnas run in one race, yeah? Everybody run, but ony one guy win da first place medal. So den, go fo da win, fo God! 25 All da guys in da race, dey stay do ony wat da coach tell um, yeah? An dey do all dat ony fo get one head lei dat goin come mahke latas. But us guys, wat we goin get no goin come poho eva. 26 Me, I like run an go strait fo da finish! Jalike wen I boxing, I no punch da air! 27 Jalike I make my body tough, an I work um hard. No good, if I tell all da odda peopo bout God, an den I mess up, so God gotta throw me outa da race.

Hawai‘i Pidgin (HWP)

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