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Numba 1 Fo Da Corint Peopo 5 Hawai‘i Pidgin (HWP)

One Church Guy Go Fool Aroun

Fo real, some peopo telling dat one a you church guys stay fooling aroun ova dea. Da guy doing mo worse ting den da peopo dat donno God. He even stay sleeping wit his own step mudda! An you guys get big head! Mo betta you guys come sad an shame, an throw out da guy dat stay making lidat. No matta I no stay dea wit you guys, my heart stay dea. So, I awready wen judge da guy dat wen do dis bad ting. I get da right fo do dat cuz Jesus our Boss, an I his guy. So you guys, come togedda. Den you guys get da right fo ack fo da Boss. An my heart goin be right dea wit you guys too. Den, hand dis guy ova to da Devil, so da bad kine stuff inside da guy goin get wipe out. Den wen Jesus, da Boss, come back, Jesus goin take da guy outa da bad kine stuff he stay in.

No good you guys get big head! You guys donno dat ony litto bit yeast inside da bread dough can make da whole ting come big? Da yeast, dass jalike da bad kine stuff dat guy stay doing. An dat goin make da odda church peopo come bad too. Take out da guy from da church. Den you guys goin come jalike one new kine guy dat no mo notting bad inside. Dass how you guys stay. Dey wen kill Godʼs Spesho Guy, an dat make us guys clean inside, jalike wen dey wen kill one spesho baby sheep fo da Passova sacrifice. Us guys, we jalike da Bread Dat No Mo Yeast Inside, dat da Jewish peopo make fo eat Passova time. So us guys gotta watch out dat we no do da bad kine stuff, o hurt da odda peopo. We wen make lidat befo time. Mo betta tell da trut everytime, so everybody can see dat we do everyting wit good heart.

Jalike I wen tell you guys inside my letta befo time, “No hang aroun da kine peopo dat go fool aroun.” 10 I no stay talking bout da peopo inside da world dat donno God, o da peopo dat like get everyting fo demself, o da peopo dat rip off da odda guy, o da peopo dat pray to da idol kine gods. Fo no stay aroun dat kine peopo, you gotta go one nodda planet! 11 But now, I mean you guys betta not hang aroun one guy dat say he one brudda, but still yet he fool aroun, o he like get everyting ony fo himself, o he go pray to da idol kine gods, o he talk stink an bulai bout odda peopo, o he get drunk, o he rip off peopo. Dat kine guy, no do notting wit him -- no even eat wit um!

12 Afta all, dass not my job fo make like da judge fo da peopo dat no trus God. But you guys suppose to be da judges fo da peopo inside da church, yeah? 13 God goin be da Judge fo da peopo outside dat no trus him. But you guys, jalike da Bible say, “Da guy dat say he one a Godʼs guys, but still yet stay doing da real bad kine stuff, throw out da bugga!”

Hawai‘i Pidgin (HWP)

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