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Numba 1 Fo Da Corint Peopo 3 Hawai‘i Pidgin (HWP)

All Us Guys Work Togedda fo God

But eh, bruddas an sistas! I no can talk to you guys jalike you stay tight wit Godʼs Spirit. Cuz you guys ony like do wat make yoa body feel good. You guys stay tight wit Christ ony litto bit, jalike one baby. I gotta tell you guys easy stuff, jalike da baby ony stay drink milk. Cuz you guys not ready fo da hard kine stuff, jalike da baby no can eat meat. You guys suppose to be strong, jalike you stay eat da meat awready! An still yet, you guys ony stay drink da milk. Cuz you guys stay tink jalike da peopo dat ony ack how dey like, dass why. Wen somebody do someting mo betta den you, you get mad, an you like argue wit each odda an bus up each odda! Kay den, wateva yoa body feel, dass how you guys tink an ack! You guys ony stay ack jalike all da peopo inside dis world. Everytime wen you guys tell you stick wit Paul, o you stick wit Apollos, dat show dat you guys jalike all da odda peopo.

You Guys Jalike One Garden

Apollos, who him? Paul, who me? Me an him, we jus helpas. We wen help you guys fo trus Christ. Apollos, he do wat da Boss like um fo do, an me, I do wat da Boss like me fo do. Was me dat wen tell you guys bout Christ first time. Dass jalike I wen plant da seed. Den Apollos wen come teach you guys. Dass jalike he water da seed I wen plant. But God, he da One dat make um grow! So den, dass why no matta who plant da seed, o who water um. Ony one ting matta, dass God, cuz he da One dat make um grow. Da guy dat plant da seed an da guy dat water um, dey working togedda jalike one hui. Everybody goin get pay fo wat dey do. Cuz us guys an God, we work togedda. An you guys, you jalike da groun wea God goin plant da seed.

You Guys Jalike One Building

An same ting, you guys jalike da building God goin build. 10 Me, God do plenny good stuff fo me. Jalike I one good builda, God wen help me teach you guys solid stuff from da start, fo make shua you guys get one solid foundation fo yoa life. But da guy dat goin build on top dat foundation afta me, he gotta make shua he goin do um da right way. 11 No can make any kine foundation, cuz ony get one foundation fo life -- dass Jesus Christ. God awready wen put him dea. 12 Some peopo goin build on top dat foundation, wit good kine stuff, stuff jalike gold, o silva, o diamonds -- o dey goin build wit junk kine stuff, stuff jalike wood, o grass, o leaf. 13 Bumbye, everybody goin know wat kine stuff dem peopo wen do, if was good o bad. Dat time, God goin make one test, jalike he use fire fo show if wat everybody wen do was jalike good kine stuff o junk kine stuff. 14 If da stuff one guy wen do stay dea still yet afta da fire, God goin give dat guy plenny good kine stuff bumbye in da sky. 15 But if da fire burn up wat da guy wen do, God no goin give dat guy notting. Still yet, da guy goin be okay, but ony jalike da house burn down an da guy almos neva get out.

16 Eh! You know, you guys jalike one temple fo God, an his Spirit stay living inside you guys! 17 If anybody mess up Godʼs temple wea he stay, watch out, brah! Bumbye God goin mess you up too! Cuz Godʼs temple stay spesho fo him. An you guys, jalike dat temple!

18 No fool yoaself! If you tink you know an undastan everyting jalike all da peopo nowdays, dat mean, you donno notting. Wen you figga you donno notting, dass wen you goin start fo learn. 19 Da way da peopo inside da world tink, God say dat stuff stay stupid. Da Bible say:

“Da smart guys, dey sly buggas,
    But God take wat dey do an jam um up!”

20 One nodda place da Bible say:

“Da Boss, he know how da smart guys stay tinking,
    Da guys dat suppose to know wat fo do.
He know dey ony tinking junk kine stuff dat wase time.”

21 So den, no good talk big bout some guy. Cuz everyting stay fo you guys awready. 22 Me an Apollos an Peter, we stay fo you guys! An da whole world stay fo you guys, no matta you alive o mahke! Everyting dat stay happening right now, an everyting dat goin happen lata -- everyting stay fo you guys! 23 An you guys stay fo Christ, an Christ stay fo God!

Hawai‘i Pidgin (HWP)

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