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Numba 1 Fo Da Corint Peopo 16 Hawai‘i Pidgin (HWP)

Da Money Fo Help Godʼs Peopo

16 Now we like talk bout da money dat you guys like give fo help da peopo dat stay spesho fo God. I wen tell da church peopo all ova Galatia, wat fo do wit da money, an now you guys, gotta do da same ting. Every Sunday, everybody suppose to stash some money fo dis, from wateva dey wen make. No good you guys try fo get da money all togedda afta I come dea. Den, wen I come dea, whoeva da bestes guys, you guys go pick um fo carry dis money dat you guys goin give da church peopo Jerusalem side, an I goin write lettas fo tell da church leadas who dem. An if you guys figga az good fo me fo go too, den we all going togedda.

Paul Make Plan Fo Go All Ova

Afta I go thru Macedonia, den I like go by you guys. But first, I gotta go Macedonia. Den, might be I can stay wit you guys litto wile, o even all winta. Den you guys can help me go da nex place from dea, wea eva. Right now, I figga no good ony pass by you guys, cuz den I ony goin see you guys short time. Mo betta I go dea lata, cuz den I stay shua I can hang out wit you guys long time, if da Boss let me. But I goin stay ova hea Efesus side till Pentecost time fifty days afta Passova. Cuz jalike God wen open one door ova hea, so I can do plenny, no matta get plenny peopo dat like go agains me.

10 Timoty, wen he go dea by you guys, take care him so he no need worry bout notting. He one worka guy fo da Boss Up Dea, jalike me. 11 So no let nobody make him jalike he notting. Help um out befo he go an stay good wit him, so he can come back by me. Me an da odda bruddas, we all stay waiting fo him.

12 One nodda ting. Our brudda Apollos, I wen give him plenny good kine words fo go by you guys wit da odda bruddas. But right now, he no like go. Bumbye wen he can, he going.

One Ting Mo Fo Do

13 Eh! Watch out! Stay solid an trus God! No scared! Stay strong! 14 Everyting you guys do, do um wit love an aloha.

15 Eh, bruddas an sistas, you all know Stefanas an his ohana guys, yeah? Dey was da first peopo dat wen go trus Christ from all ova dea Akaia side by you guys. An dey wen go all out fo kokua all da peopo dat stay spesho fo God. 16 I like tell you guys fo listen to dat kine peopo an do wat dey tell you. I mean, everybody dat work hard togedda lidat. 17 I wen stay real good inside cuz Stefanas, an Fortunatus, an Akaikus wen come hea. Cuz dey wen do wat you guys no can do. 18 Dey wen make me come jalike new again inside, an dey wen do da same ting fo you guys. Peopo like dem, show um respeck.

Tell Everybody “Aloha!”

19 Da peopo dat come togedda fo church all ova Asia side, dey like tell you guys “Aloha!” Aquila an Priscilla, an all da odda peopo dat come togedda inside dea house, dey really like tell you guys “Aloha!” too, cuz dey stay tight wit da Boss too. 20 All da Christian bruddas an sistas ova hea like tell you guys “Aloha!” An you guys, give each odda one hug an kiss cuz you da peopo dat stay spesho fo God.

21 Now dis me, Paul, an I writing dis part wit my own hand: Aloha!

22 Anybody who no mo love an aloha fo da Boss, dey goin get punish fo shua!

“Marana Tha!” You know wat dat mean, Aramaic language? “Eh, Boss! Come back!”

23 I like fo our Boss Jesus do plenny good tings fo you guys. 24 I get love an aloha fo all you guys, cuz we all stay tight wit da Spesho Guy God Wen Send, Jesus!

Hawai‘i Pidgin (HWP)

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