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Numba 1 Fo Da Corint Peopo 10 Hawai‘i Pidgin (HWP)

Watch Out Fo Da Idol Kine Gods!

10 Eh, bruddas an sistas! Dis one ting you guys gotta know: Befo time, our ancesta guys wen stay unda da cloud God wen send, an God wen open da Red Sea from one side to da odda side, an dey all wen walk thru on top da sea bottom to da odda side. Dass jalike one picha, da cloud an da Red Sea. Cuz da peopo wen trus Moses fo be dea leada, an wen go unda da cloud an inside da sea wit him. Dass jalike us guys trus Christ, an get baptize fo show dat we his guys, an follow him. All da peopo wen eat da same food dat Godʼs Spirit wen give um, an dey all wen drink da same water dat Godʼs Spirit wen give um fo drink. Wat dey wen drink, wen come outa one big rock dat Godʼs Spirit wen give um. Jalike dat rock was dea every place dey go, Christ was dea too. But God neva like how mos a da peopo wen ack. So dey wen mahke, an dea bodies dey wen bury, all da diffren places wea dey wen go.

All dat stuff wen happen fo show us guys dat we not suppose to go all out fo do da bad kine stuff, jalike all da peopo dea. No good we pray to da idol kine gods, jalike some a da peopo. Da Bible say dis: “Da peopo wen party in front da baby cow kine god statue, an afta, dey wen start fo fool aroun.” No good we go fool aroun wit peopo dat we not married to. Dat time, some a da peopo wen make lidat, an dey all wen mahke die dead, twenty three tousand a dem. No good we try fo find out how plenny bad kine stuff us guys can do befo da Boss punish us. Some a da peopo wen do dat, an God wen send snakes ova dea fo bite um an wipe um out. 10 No good we grumble. Some a da peopo wen grumble ova an ova, an da Killa Angel Guy wen go wipe um out.

11 All dat stuff wen happen to da Israel peopo fo show us guys someting, you know. Dey wen write um all down so us guys can learn wat kine ting we betta not do. Cuz da last times stay coming.

12 Eh! You tink you stay strong now. But you gotta watch out so you no do bad kine stuff. 13 Wen you guys get chance fo do da bad kine stuff, dass da same ting, jalike wat happen to all da odda peopo. But you know, you guys can trus God fo do wat he say. He no goin let you guys get so plenny presha dat you guys no can handle. Everytime get presha lidat, God goin make um so you guys can get outa dat. He goin make you guys strong fo handle, an no fall down.

14 So, my good friends, weneva somebody try make you guys go down an pray in front da idol kine gods, run da odda way quick! 15 I telling you dis, cuz I know you guys can tink strait. So go check um out yoaself, wat I telling you is da trut.

16 Tink bout dis: wen us guys take da communion cup, an tell God he good heart fo give um to us guys -- dat mean, dat all us guys stay tight wit Godʼs Spesho Guy Christ, an wen he wen go bleed an mahke, was jalike us guys wen mahke too. Wen we broke da bread, dat mean same ting -- us guys all stay tight wit Godʼs Spesho Guy Christ, an dat time he wen mahke, was jalike us guys wen mahke too. 17 Us guys togedda get one bread. Wen everybody take one piece from da one bread, dat mean all us guys jalike we stay one body all togedda, no matta we plenny peopo. 18 Tink bout how da Israel peopo do um: wen dey kill da animal on top da altar fo make da sacrifice fo God, da priest guys dat kill um get da meat fo eat. Dat mean dat dey all stay tight togedda wit God an wit da peopo dat wen bring da animal fo da sacrifice.

19 But you tink I mean dat da sacrifice dey make fo da idol kine gods, dass someting fo real? Nah! Da idol kine god statue, dass notting! 20 Dis wat I mean: wen da peopo dat donno God kill da animals fo make sacrifice, dey do um fo da bad kine spirits, dey no stay do um fo da real God. But I no like you guys come tight wit da bad kine spirits! 21 You guys, you no can drink from da communion cup dat show you da Bossʼs guys, an same time, you stay drinking from one diffren kine cup dat show dat you stay tight wit da bad kine spirits. You guys no can eat da food from da table dat show you da Bossʼs guys, an same time, you stay eating da food dat show dat you stay tight wit da bad kine spirits. Come on now! 22 Wat you guys tink? We goin make da Boss come huhu wit us, o wat? No good, lidat. O, you tink us guys mo strong den him?

Do Everyting Fo Show How Awesome God Stay

23 I can do all kine stuff, but everyting not good fo me. I can do all kine stuff, but dat no make nobody come mo strong inside. 24 Mo betta, we no try fo do ony da stuff dat us guys like. Mo betta, we do da stuff dat help da odda peopo too.

25 So den. Go eat da meat dey sell inside da meat market, an no go aks, “Dis okay fo me fo eat, o wat?” 26 Da Bible wen say, “Da Boss, he own da world, an everyting inside da world too,” you know. 27 If one guy dat no trus God tell you guys, “Come our house fo eat!” an you guys like go, den eat everyting dey give you, an no go aks, “Az okay fo me fo eat dis, o wat?”

28 (But, if somebody tell you guys, “Dis meat come from one temple sacrifice fo one idol kine god,” den no eat um. You guys gotta tink bout da guy who wen tell you dat, if okay o not okay. 29 I mean, tink bout wat da odda guy stay tinking, if okay fo him fo eat um. No tink ony bout wass okay fo you.)

But eh! I can do wat I like. Still yet, if one odda guy tink dat not okay fo him fo do dis ting, an az bad fo him, how come I no can do wat I like, jus cuz da odda guy tink az bad fo him? 30 If I eat da stuff an tell God “Mahalo plenny!” how come peopo talk stink bout me?

31 Everyting you guys do, eat, drink, wateva -- do um all fo show how awesome God stay. 32 No go jam up nobody -- da Jewish peopo, o da peopo dat not Jewish, o da church peopo who come togedda fo God. 33 Make jalike me: I try make all dose guys stay good inside. I no stay try fo ony do wass good fo me. I stay try fo do wass good fo all da odda peopo, so dey can get outa da bad kine stuff dey stay in too.

Hawai‘i Pidgin (HWP)

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