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33 You have been ·fair [just; righteous] in everything that has happened to us;
    you have ·been loyal [been faithful; L done truth], but we have ·been wicked [acted wickedly/wrongly].
34 Our kings, ·leaders [officials], priests, and ·ancestors [fathers] did not obey your ·teachings [laws; instructions; L Torah];
    they did not pay attention to the commands and ·warnings [decrees; testimonies] you gave them.
35 Even when ·our ancestors [L they] were living in their kingdom,
    ·enjoying [benefiting from] all the good things you ·had given [lavished/bestowed on] them,
    ·enjoying [benefiting from] the land that was ·fertile and full of room [rich and spacious],
    they did not ·stop [serve you and turn from] their evil ·ways [deeds; practices].

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