31 Yet for thy great mercies thou hast not consumed them, neither forsaken them: for thou art a gracious and merciful God.

32 Now therefore our God, (A)thou great God, mighty and terrible, that keepest covenant and (B)mercy, let not all the affliction that hath come unto us, seem a little before thee, that is, to our Kings, to our Princes, and to our Priests, and to our Prophets, and to our fathers, and to all thy people since the time of the [a]kings of Assyria unto this day.

33 Surely thou art just in all that is come upon us: for thou hast [b]dealt truly, but we have done wickedly.

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  1. Nehemiah 9:32 By whom we were led away into captivity, and have been appointed to be slain, as Esther 3:13.
  2. Nehemiah 9:33 He confesseth that all these things came to them justly for their sins, but he appealeth from God’s justice to his mercies.

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