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Nehemiah 9:28-30 The Voice (VOICE)

28     As soon as they were at peace, they began to wander and abandoned You
        and did evil things, so You abandoned them to their enemies.
    Thus, once more, You allowed them to be conquered.
        Somehow Your mercy is inexhaustible.
    Once more You listened to them when they cried to You in heaven for help.
        Over and over and over You intervened and saved Your people.
29     You also warned them to return to Your ways
        and follow the laws You have given.
        They arrogantly violated the very commands,
    Which if they would obey them
        then they would live by them.
    Stubborn, they turned away from You,
        tensed their necks, and stopped listening.
30     Year after year, Your patience endured.
        Your Spirit animated prophets, and they spoke many warnings to them.
    In not listening and turning away from the prophets,
        they turned directly into their advancing enemies.

The Voice (VOICE)

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