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28 As soon as they had relief,
    they would go back to doing evil in your sight.
Again you abandoned them to the power of their enemies,
    who crushed them.
Once again they cried out to you, and you heard them from heaven
    and delivered them according to your mercy, many times over.
29 (A)You bore witness against them,
    to bring them back to your law.
But they were insolent
    and would not obey your commandments;
They sinned against your ordinances,
    which give life to those who keep them.
They turned stubborn backs, stiffened their necks,
    and would not obey.
30 You were patient with them for many years,
    bearing witness against them through your spirit, by means of your prophets;
Still they would not listen.
    Therefore you delivered them into the power of the peoples of the lands.

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