28 But as soon as they had relief,
they again did what was evil in Your sight.
So You abandoned them to the power of their enemies,
who dominated them.
When they cried out to You again,
You heard from heaven and rescued them
many times in Your compassion.(A)
29 You warned them to turn back to Your law,
but they acted arrogantly
and would not obey Your commands.
They sinned against Your ordinances,
which a person will live by if he does them.(B)
They stubbornly resisted,[a]
stiffened their necks, and would not obey.
30 You were patient with them for many years,
and Your Spirit warned them through Your prophets,(C)
but they would not listen.
Therefore, You handed them over to the surrounding peoples.(D)

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  1. Nehemiah 9:29 Lit They gave a stubborn shoulder

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