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Woe to the city of bloods, all of leasing, full of rending; raven shall not go away from thee. (Woe to the city of bloodshed, or to the murderous city, all of lies, full of tearing apart; all the spoils, or the prey, shall never be taken away from thee.)

Voice of scourge, and voice of rush of wheel, and of horse making noise, and of [a] four-horsed cart burning, (The sound of the scourge, and the sound of the rush of wheels, and of horses making noise, and of charging carts with four horses,)

and of knight going up, and of shining sword, and glistening spear, and of [the] slain multitude, and of grievous falling, neither there is end of carrions. And they shall fall together in their bodies, (and of horsemen going up, or mounting, and of shining swords, and of glistening spears, and of the slain multitude, and of grievous falling, and there is no end of corpses. Yea, they shall altogether fall, or shall stumble, over all the bodies,)

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