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The Doom of the Wicked City is Certain

Woe to the city that has shed much blood![a]
    She is a deceiver,[b]
She is filled with plunder,
    She has hoarded her spoils of war.[c]
The crack of the whip!
    The rumbling of the chariot wheel!
The galloping of the horse!
    The racing of the chariot!
Chariots charge!
    Swords flash!
        Spears glitter!
Many corpses are piled high![d]
    There is no end to the slain!
        They stumble over their dead!

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  1. Nahum 3:1 Literally “bloods”
  2. Nahum 3:1 Literally “All of her is deception”
  3. Nahum 3:1 Literally “Prey does not depart”
  4. Nahum 3:3 Literally “Many dead, piles of corpses”