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Nahum 1:3-5 Wycliffe Bible (WYC)

The Lord is patient, and great in strength, and he cleansing shall not make (the wicked) innocent. The Lord cometh in tempest, and the ways of him be in whirlwind, and clouds be the dust of his feet; (The Lord is patient, and great in strength, and in cleansing, he shall not make the wicked innocent, or let them go unpunished. The Lord cometh in the tempest, and his ways be in the whirlwind, and the clouds be the dust of his feet;)

he blameth the sea, and drieth it, and bringeth all floods into desert (he rebuketh the sea, and it drieth up, and maketh all the rivers into deserts, or into dry riverbeds). Bashan is made sick, and (also) Carmel, and the flower(s) of Lebanon languished.

Mountains be moved together of him, and little hills be desolate. And [the] earth trembled together from the face of him, and the roundness of earth, and all dwelling therein. (The mountains be altogether moved, or shaken, before him, and the little hills be made desolate. And the earth altogether trembled, or shook, before his face, yea, the whole earth, and all those who live upon it.)


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