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14 Now this is what the Lord has decreed about you, Nineveh:[a]
    “There will be no more children born[b] to carry on your name.
I will cut out the graven and molten images from the temples of your gods.
    I myself will dig your grave,
        because you are vile.”

The Sure and Certain Deliverance of Judah

15 [c]Look! There on the mountains!
    The feet of the one who brings good news,
        who broadcasts a message of peace.
Judah, celebrate your solemn festivals
    and keep your vows,
because the wicked will never again invade you.
    Nineveh[d] will be[e] completely eliminated!

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  1. Nahum 1:14 The Heb. lacks Nineveh
  2. Nahum 1:14 Lit. sown
  3. Nahum 1:15 This verse is 2:1 in MT
  4. Nahum 1:15 Lit. It
  5. Nahum 1:15 Or has been