14 And the Lord hath given a commandment concerning thee that no more of thy name be [a]sown: out of the house of thy gods will I cut off the graven, and the molten image: I will make it thy grave for thee, for thou art vile.

15 (A)Behold upon the mountains the feet of him that declareth, and publisheth [b]peace: O Judah, keep thy solemn feasts, perform thy vows: for the wicked shall no more pass through thee: he is utterly cut off.

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  1. Nahum 1:14 Meaning, Sennacherib, who should have no more children, but be slain in the house of his gods, 2 Kings 19:36, 37.
  2. Nahum 1:15 Which peace the Jews should enjoy by the death of Sennacherib.