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And you, watchtower of the flocks,[a] hill of Jerusalem,
    to you will come the kingdom as in the past.
    Jerusalem, the right to rule will come again to you.”

Why the Israelites Must Go to Babylon

Now, why do you cry so loudly?
    Is your king gone?
Have you lost your helper,
    so that you are in pain, like a woman trying to give birth?
10 People of Jerusalem, strain and be in pain.
    Be like a woman trying to give birth,
because now you must leave the city
    and live in the field.
You will go to Babylon,
    but you will be saved from that place.
The Lord will go there
    and buy you back from your enemies.

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  1. 4:8 watchtower . . . flocks This probably means a part of Jerusalem. The leaders would be like shepherds in a tower watching their sheep.