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And you, O tower of the flock,[a]
    hill of daughter Zion!
To you it shall come:
    the former dominion shall be restored,
    the reign of daughter Jerusalem.

Now why do you cry out so?
    Are you without a king?
    Or has your adviser perished,
That you are seized with pains
    like a woman in labor?
10 [b]Writhe, go into labor,
    O daughter Zion,
    like a woman giving birth;
For now you shall leave the city
    and camp in the fields;
To Babylon you shall go,
    there you shall be rescued.
There the Lord shall redeem you
    from the hand of your enemies.

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  1. 4:8 Tower of the flock: in Hebrew migdal-eder, a place name in Gn 35:21.
  2. 4:10 Frequently the prophets personify the city of Jerusalem as a woman, and here as a woman in labor.