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Micah 4:8-10 Expanded Bible (EXB)

And you, ·watchtower of the flocks [or Migdal-eder], ·hill [or stronghold] of ·Jerusalem [L Daughter Zion],
    to you ·will come the kingdom [dominion will be restored] as in the past.
·Jerusalem [L Daughter Jerusalem], the ·right to rule [kingship; sovereignty] will come again to you.”

Why the Israelites Must Go to Babylon

Now, why do you cry so loudly?
    ·Is your king gone [Have you no king/King; C either a human king or God]?
Have you lost your ·helper [counselor; wise guide],
    so that you are in pain, like a woman ·trying to give birth [in labor]?
10 ·People of Jerusalem [L Daughter Zion], ·strain and be in pain [writhe and groan].
    Be like a woman ·trying to give birth [in labor],
because now you must leave the city
    and live in the field.
You will go to Babylon,
    but you will be ·saved [rescued] from that place.
The Lord will go there
    and ·buy you back [redeem you] from [L the hand of] your enemies.

Expanded Bible (EXB)

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