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Those who see visions will be put to shame,
    and the diviners will be disgraced—every one of them—
they will cover their faces,[a]
    because there will be no answer from God.’”

The Message of God’s Prophet

“As for me, I am truly filled with power by the Spirit of the Lord,
    filled[b] with judgment and power
to announce to Jacob his transgression,
    and to Israel his sin.
Please listen to this, you leaders of the house of Jacob,
    you officials of the house of Israel,
you who hate administering justice,
    who pervert the very meaning of[c] equity,

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  1. Micah 3:7 Lit. beard
  2. Micah 3:8 The Heb. lacks filled
  3. Micah 3:9 Lit. pervert all