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The seers [C another name for prophets] will be ashamed;
    the ·people who see the future [diviners] will be ·embarrassed [disgraced; humiliated].
Yes, all of them will cover their ·mouths [or lips; or faces],
    because there will be no answer from God.”

Micah Is an Honest Prophet of God

But I am filled with power,
    with the Spirit of the Lord,
    and with justice and ·strength [might],
to ·tell the people of Jacob [L declare to Jacob] ·how they have turned against God [L his transgression],
    and ·the people of Israel [L Israel] how they have sinned.
Leaders of [L the house of] Jacob and rulers of [L the house of] Israel,
    listen to me,
you who hate ·fairness [justice]
    and ·twist [pervert; distort] what is ·right [straight].

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