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14 Therefore he shall give warriors on the heritage of Gath, on the houses of leasing into deceit to (the) kings of Israel. (And so he shall send warriors against Moreshethgath; the town of Achzib shall give no help to the kings of Israel.)

15 Yet I shall bring an heir to thee, that dwellest in Mareshah; the glory of Israel shall come till to (the cave in) Adullam. (And yet I shall bring an heir to thee, who livest in Mareshah; the glory, or the leaders, of Israel shall go and hide in the cave at Adullam.)

16 Be thou made bald, and be thou clipped on the sons of thy delights; alarge thy baldness as an eagle, for they be led (away) captive from thee. (Be thou made bald, yea, shave thyselves, for the children that thou lovest; make thy baldness like that of a vulture, for they be led away captive from thee.)

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