14 Therefore you shall (A)give presents to [a]Moresheth Gath;
The houses of (B)Achzib[b] shall be a lie to the kings of Israel.
15 I will yet bring an heir to you, O inhabitant of (C)Mareshah;[c]
The glory of Israel shall come to (D)Adullam.[d]
16 Make yourself (E)bald and cut off your hair,
Because of your (F)precious children;
Enlarge your baldness like an eagle,
For they shall go from you into (G)captivity.

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  1. Micah 1:14 Lit. Possession of Gath
  2. Micah 1:14 Lit. Lie
  3. Micah 1:15 Lit. Inheritance
  4. Micah 1:15 Lit. Refuge